Pre-conference program

On the 12th of November The Class of 2020 hosts a pre-conference program to increase learning, networking and business development opportunities. Attendance is free to all delegates of The Class of 2020 Conference. Please note there is a limited availability for the pre-conference sessions. Therefore, registration is required

Pre-conference Program:

10:00 – 12:00 Project visit Villa Mokum and De Studio

12:30 – 14:00 Project visit The Student Hotel Amsterdam (incl. lunch)

Location: Jan van Galenstraat 335, 1061 AZ, Amsterdam.

14:30 – 16:00 Masterclass Service and Technology in Student Housing

Learn how technology can enhance the student experience, reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.

– Commercial Director of StudentCom
– Managing Director of Pex Software Solutions

Location: Hotel Casa 400, Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4, 1097 BC, Amsterdam.

14:30 – 16:00 Masterclass Designing the “Campus City”

The future of the Urban Campus: How can the knowledge economy attract and bring people together? What can cities do to provide an inspiring environment for education and knowledge, and how can universities become an integral part of the city? The future of the campus is the city, and the future of the city is the campus.

– Burton Hamfelt Architectuur Stedenbouw Prototypes
– Director Oeverzaaijer Architecture and Urbanism

Campus City Project

Location: Hotel Casa 400, Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4, 1097 BC Amsterdam.

17:00 – 22:00 Partners & Speakers Dinner (invitation only, contact for more information)


Paul Kan

Paul Kan has been with the company since 2008 as Commercial Director. With StudentCom now reaching over 200,000 students via its Digital Media Platform, one of Paul’s key responsibilities is the continual development of the ‘student experience’ with an emphasis on choice and the student journey.

Paul’s functional responsibilities are Product Management, Marketing and New Business Strategies. Born in Liverpool, with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and an MBA from Kingston University, Paul has worked for over 20 years in the technology industry, spending time with companies such as Mitsubishi, AT&T and Lucent Technologies.


Following a career in hotels and property management Philip Evans established PEX Software a provider of web based enterprise software solutions to businesses within the real estate sector.

Philip also contributes as a board director within the social housing sector and is committed to the transformation of its customer service proposition and to proving new ways of funding affordable housing.

Burton Hamfelt.crop

Burton Hamfelt (Montreal, 1964) is architect and owner of Burton Hamfelt Architectuur Stedebouw Prototypes (BHASP) an independent architectural design practice located in Amsterdam.

Since coming to the Netherlands in the mid 1990’s after studying in Canada, Burton Hamfelt was founder and director of the internationally acclaimed and award winning firm, S333 Architecture + Urbanism with offices in both London and Amsterdam. During this period Hamfelt designed and built a number of innovative urban scale mixed used housing projects in the Netherlands and around the world.

Since 2008 in response to increasingly complex questions related to buildings and the urban environment, Burton Hamfelt focuses exclusively on innovative design based projects both independently and in partnership with other organizations. Recent works involves designing and building a number of educational buildings and initiating a number of research based initiatives like, the Campus City Project; a dedicated research laboratory investigating the spatial capital of the knowledge economy and the transformation of the European city.

Most recently Hamfelt has been awarded a startup grant to develop a new form of open source and collective data based 3D urban modeling interface called, ModelMe. In addition, Hamfelt is partnering with Meka Modular luxury buildings on number of modular building based housing projects around the world. Hamfelt has both extensively lectured and taught design studio at a number of leading European universities and was in 2012 Visiting Professor at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto.


New York city 1990 was the start of an international cooperation between John Bosch and Gordon Haslett that lasted till 2000. The office focused on architectural discussion through working on numerous competitions and series of theoretical projects. The office won Europan II, and was shortlisted for the Rietveld Prize in 2001. His designs for realized projects are characterized by their unique character and stark differences in style, such as DIY, a housing project in the north of Amsterdam and the last realized result of the cooperation; the Ronald McDonald House in the Uithof Utrecht. From 2000 on, under the name of Bosch Architects, the international collaboration expanded to offices in Switzerland, Germany and Slovakia. Projects in Holland include City Building in Rotterdam, the urban plan and housing for het Kleine Rieteiland IJburg, Big House in Ypenburg and many more.

Since  2005 John Bosch is partner at OeverZaaijer architecture and urbanism, with 60 employees one of the most successful architect offices in the Netherlands. The curriculum reflects the potential of conceptual thinking combined with large commercial knowledge in projects like the new headquarters for Atradius Amsterdam, realised in 2008, an ecological resort with 21 villas in Spain, Im Vieri, a housing project in Switzerland, Spark a new city for 50.000 inhabitants in Slovakia and a concept for the Olympic Games 2028, called “The Floating Games’ in Amsterdam. Most recent work involves The Campus City Project a design research initiated together with Burton Hamfelt on education and the city.