After the discussion in the different break-out sessions the conference stated the following ten conclusions:

  1. Investing in Dutch student housing: “The Dutch market has potential but is not ready yet for international institutional investors.”
  2. New government regulations: “Going for lowest regulatory standards does not result in the right quality. Redevelopment is more lucrative than new construction.”
  3. Making Investments happen in The Netherlands: “The challenges are still prohibitive to inward investments from overseas. Creativity in driving rents is the way forward until regulations really change.”
  4. Buy to Live & Let: Private investment in student housing: “Current regulations prevent innovation in The Nederlands.”
  5. Investing in social student housing: “The new government plans have caused uncertainity for non profits which limit the private finance possibilities.”
  6. Design driven innovation: “The uniform student does not exist, therefore the point system should be abandoned.”
  7. Universities & student housing: new partnerships“Universities say yes to partnerships but will not give guarantees.”
  8. Emerging European student housing markets: “Fewer government regulations attracts investors.”
  9. Student housing as a panacea for office space vacancy?: “As long as the owner devaluates, everything is possible.”
  10. What Students Want & Need: “The investment window of financiers does not run parallel to the window of universities.”
  11. Dutch Higher Education Market: Are we ready to accommodate talent?: Internationalisation represents an incredible growth opportunity for the Dutch economy and education sector. Realizing this potential requires action and collaboration of all stakeholders involved, from regulations to finance, from education to housing operators.