Watch the 2012 video reports

These full video reports allow you to hear International speakers and experts discuss the opportunities and constraints in the Dutch market. UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL: Key note speaker James Pullan explores the incredible growth of international higher education and the wave of investment it brings to established and emerging student housing markets. Including an assessment of Amsterdam’s potential for international investors (15 min).

OVERREGULATED: Rudy Stroink goes all the way to get real answers to the question why the Dutch market is not performing according to international standards. Hear it first hand from investment specialists Rob Vester (Syntrus Achmea), Vincent Gerritsen (PPGM), Gerard Andriessen (Stadgenoot) and James Pullan (Knight Frank). Important detail: this panel took place one day after the Dutch government announced its new plans and one week before Syntrus Achmea put all its student housing projects on hold (40 min).

NOT A FUNCTIONING MARKET: The closing debate went straight to the key concern of the conference: Is there reason to be optimistic about Holland’s potential for international students and student housing investors? Xavier Jongen (Bouwfonds REIM), Han Dommers (NUFFIC) and Edwin van Rest (Studyportal) discuss the future of higher education and how it will impact the student housing market (20 minutes).

More video’s coming soon.