Watch the 2011 conference video reports

The kick-off video provides a quick overview of the ambition of The Class of 2020 conference and its partners

Conference summary video shows excitement and consensus: there is a problem with student housing and everyone is required at the table to find solutions

Keynote Speech Part I: Enhancing the student experience through student housing by Alma Sealine president of the Association of College and University Housing Officers – International

Keynote Speech Part II: Alma discusses exciting new partnerships models for on and off-campus student housing.

Alma Sealine reviews the conference and discusses the challenges and opportunities she anticipates in the future in Holland and back home.

Alma Sealine, president ACUHO-I

Director General Mark Frequin explains that his Ministry is changing the building regulations to stimulate housing construction for the growing number of student.

Mark Frequin, Director General of the Ministry of the Interior and the Kingdom

Delft student housing commissioner Pieter Guldemond invites non-profit and for profit developers to help build 5.000 rooms in Delft.

Pieter Guldemond, Commissioner City of Delft

Eline Peters would like to see more students on stage. She believes temporary solutions are not going to solve the shortage. Permant solutions are needed.

Eline Peters, ASVA Student Union

Developer Ronald Huikeshoven enjoyed having universities and real estate sector at one table. He would love to see American style campus development. Melrose Place can be an inspiration.

Ronald Huikeshoven, AM Property Development