Higher Education Community

Higher Education community membership – €0.-
Introducing a new membership for the higher education community. Offering you trainings, networking events and research. 
The Class of 2020 is Europe’s largest community on student housing representing over 350.000 beds across the continent, looking to make student living more accessible to the international student community. We want to support the higher education community in finding solutions for an ever growing student living predicament. 
Why a free membership?
We want to prove to the higher education community the value of The Class of 2020 and a European community. We do not think it is fair to charge for this, as we are just starting with this membership which is why for 2017 the membership is on us. Over the coming year together with you we will shape the membership to a valuable platform. You will have your say as to what your needs are and how we can be of support. At the end of 2017 we will have a programme in place that you helped shape.
By joining now you are by no means obliged to take on the paid membership starting January of 2018. Prior to this we will send all member the new offer and you choose to continue or cancel your membership, though we aim to have created a platform that caters to your needs in an ever growing international environment. 
Join now by simply sending an email to membership@theclassof2020.org  and already benefit from a €100.- discount to The Class Conference, the leading European event on student living taking place this November in vienna. 
The Class of 2020 team are looking forward to an exciting year ahead with you!