EAIE Glasgow 2015 Session: Student Living for International Student Success


The Class of 2020 was selected to present a session devoted to student residential life and accommodation at the 27th Annual EAIE Conference.

Session description:

Housing is an important part of the customer student journey. While universities differ in their thinking about what their role is in organizing housing, in continental Europe few see it as integral in the quality of the student’s learning experience. However, research – especially from the US – shows a clear correlation between student accommodation and student success. Students, who more actively engage in residential life, perform better and are more satisfied with their university experience. Residential life can form the basis of an informal curriculum for all students, offering a rich intercultural learning opportunity. Most universities in Europe however still see housing as nothing more than a necessary part of student facilities. In this session we want to show universities what impact accommodation can have, and how universities can organize this in partnership with housing providers. The aim is to switch the views of our audience on student accommodation from a ‘necessary evil’ they have to organize, to an opportunity to create a better student experience. We aim to inspire the audience to actively develop residence programs for their international students. 

Trends and issues that will be include:

  • Housing as an integral part of the student’s learning experience;
  • Live & learn communities to improve student social and academic success;
  • Partnership models between universities and accommodation;
  • International best practices.

Frank Portret_student_hotel-3-1Frank Uffen is co-founder of The Class of 2020, a foundation that aims to transform the market for student accommodation in Europe. As director of partnerships at The Student Hotel, Frank is especially knowledgeable with regards to creating a sense of community through residential experiences.





richard200Richard Kington has been responsible for accommodation services at the University of Edinburgh since 2003. As an executive of CUBO (College and University Business Officers in the UK) Richard has been actively involved in developing and sharing knowledge about accommodation needs of international students. Richard will take the role of experienced expert and will show best practices from the UK.



JacquelineJacqueline van Marle is Senior Advisor International Marketing & Communications at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. She has also been the driving force behind the city’s higher education platform, an organization that bridges the gap between education, city government and business. Housing has been an important part of the platform’s agenda. Jacqueline will share her experience of a city-wide approach.



Hellqvist_KarinKarin Hellqvist is Head of Welcome Services at the University of Gothenburg. Gothenburg suffers from a lack of student accommodation and is emblematic for the problems that many European student cities are experiencing. Karin will share her views on the importance of accommodation in attracting international students.