About us

The Class of 2020 Foundation

The Class of 2020 Foundation is a partner-based non-profit organisation with a simple goal: ‘’To further the professionalism and knowledge of student housing in Europe and beyond’’.

Our Mission

”Our mission is to be the leading think tank and platform on student housing in Europe. We provide an international network of complementary partners, members and associations. By bringing people together, we offer and share high-quality information and best practices. We aim for a student housing market that is open, international, professional, sophisticated and developed to fully accommodate student needs.”

Our History

Established in 2011, The Class of 2020 was initiated by Charlie Macgregor and Frank Uffen whom felt there was a disconnect between the stakeholders in student housing in The Netherlands. What started as an Dutch initiative for the Dutch market soon gained interest from throughout Europe. In 2013 The Class of 2020 evolved into the leading European platform on student housing.

Thanks to our growing partnership base, The Class of 2020 is now the largest European Student Housing platform/think tank representing over 200.000+ beds operated throughout Europe. Complimenting our operating partners are investors, real estate advisors, online booking platforms, media outlets and educational/student institutions. For more information about joining the partnership base click here.

The Team

The Class of 2020 team operates from Amsterdam and solely work for the foundation. For more information about the team click here.


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