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''Our mission is to be the leading think tank and platform on student housing in Europe. We provide an international network of complementary partners, members and associations. By bringing people together, we offer and share high-quality information and best practices. We aim for a student housing market that is open, international, professional, sophisticated and developed to fully accommodate student needs.''

The Class Conference

The Class Conference


Co-living: the new urban housing?

Communal living concepts beyond the university dorm

Throughout the 20th century, home ownership was a sign of success, an achievable goal for those who worked hard. Since the millennium, however, the market has proven more cynical, and the 25-35-year-olds of today have become known as ‘generation rent’. To afford to live in the city, this demographic has to find innovative new solutions for urban dwelling, say Joop de Boer and Haley Roeser.

When supply fails to meet demand: models of student housing in Europe

The financial implications of going to university are making headlines in both the US and the UK. Rising study costs around the world are at odds with the notion that higher education should be accessible to anyone and everyone, regardless of background. As part of the total cost of a degree, Manu Moritz takes a look at the different ways in which affordable housing is provided to students in Europe.

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